I just spent the weekend with some of my family and it was wonderful.  The hard part came when each of us went our separate ways.  My brother and Teagan to North Carolina, my Mom back to Florida and Finn went to his Mom.  Leaving soon myself to LA will be tough at first, but I know in my heart it's the right thing for me to do.  I wish I could wave a wand and mend all of the broken parts of my family, build a huge house on tons of land with horses and guest cottages and have all of us living there "happily ever after".  But that's not going to happen because by virtue of living our own truths and realities we make choices that change our lives.  And when we make changes in our lives, those changes in some ways affect the relationships of the ones we love the most.  So what is the right thing to do?  That seems to be the question I hear from myself and my family most often these days.  None of us know for sure, however I still stand by my heart and the feeling of excited little butterflies in my stomach when I think of waking up nearly every single day to sunshine & blue skies, the sounds & sights of nature, and flip-flops 9 months out of the year.  That's what makes me smile and feel happy.  My family is in the process of discovering their own happiness and I can tell you that their picture will most likely be very different than mine.  And that's okay.  All I want for any of us, ALL of us (you included!) is to be as happy as you can be, to surround yourself with people and things that make you smile so hard that you feel your heart flutter with excitement.  I'm in the process of packing and making all the necessary moving arrangements to move three thousand miles across the country.  It's not the fun part of this journey, and I wonder if I'm forgetting anything or obsess myelf with how my dogs will get there safely & quickly, and if I can find a nice, comfortable place to rent for a while.  So all of these thoughts are pouring through my mind and I lose myself in all of the details and it isn't until I sit down for a moment and read your thoughtful comments here or on facebook that I realize I have an entire support team out there right along with my family cheering me on!  I really don't think you have any idea how much it means to me, because yes, there are days I want to ask God for a raincheck.  I want to stay in bed with my eyes shut and just wait for someone to swoop in and handle all the minute details of packing and cleaning and closing dates and paperwork.... and just fly me & my puppies there with the greatest care & love.  That's where you come in.  When I have a moment to give myself (without feeling guilty that I don't have a tape gun in one hand & a sharpie in the other!) I read your encouraging words and recall the fabulous weekend I just had with my family and get that burst of faith & courage back streaming through me, fueling me with energy and ambition to simply "get the job done" and do what I need to do to make this happen.  This is what I wanted.  This is what I chose.  And I really do have alot to look forward to and hope I can share with you very soon what some of those things are:)
Remember the little girls I talked about in my last blog, Sophie & Bella?  Well the other day when I took my dogs for a walk there they were camped out at the end of their driveway with a "sale" sign in colorful letters tacked to a tree.  They had a small clothing rack with size 3T clothes, a table filled with stuffed animals and all sorts of toys scattered around.  Little Bella was pirouetting around with a jar of peanut butter and a spoon in her hand.  She ran over to her sister and said "Want some?" and tauntingly waved the spoon in front of her face.  Sophie wasn't interested.  She had spotted me: a potential customer.  "Wanna buy somethin'?" she screamed, I was only 5 feet away.  I smiled and said, "No thank you.  I may have to sell things soon too, in my yard.  Maybe you could come over and help?  We could make some extra money?".  Her smile was priceless.  I walked along with the dogs and thought, there's a future show host in training.  A little girl with big dreams and a brave heart.  I'll miss those two stinkerbelles (stolen from Miss Lisa Mason!), but I doubt it's the last I'll hear of Sophie & Bella.  When someone leaves a mark, they leave a mark.  You walk away with whatever you choose to take with you.  I have some of the best memories from the past 10 years.  I'm going to take them with me to L.A. for sure, but I definitely won't need a box and tape to get them there safely.   

03/23/2011 12:17pm


I wish you the best of luck and I can't wait to hear what you will be doing! You should really consider becoming a writer! Your writing has a great flow and keeps you interested!

Joann Carlino
03/23/2011 12:18pm

Hi Patti: I was really sorry to see you go, but after learning your reasons, I understood and wish you nothing but wonderful success. I have a question, if you wouldn't mind, do you have a job lined up in LA? Its so scary to make such a life changing change. I ask because I would like to follow you on your journey! Lots of luck and especially happiness!

03/23/2011 12:58pm

Patti, I agree you should be a writer. I love to read what you have to say. Distance will not make much of a difference with your family. My sister lives with me now because of problems she's having in her family. I never see her. So people can be under the same roof and not see each other or they can be cross country and make time to see each other. You seem to be very close to your family and I believe you will stay that way. Just think how much your niece and nephews will love coming to LA to see Aunt Patti! Follow your dreams girl and be happy!
Much Love, Karen from the great state of NC

03/23/2011 1:41pm

Wishing you much luck and happiness on your new journey. Looking forward to hearing what you will be doing next. You should consider writing--you have a real flair for it!

03/23/2011 1:54pm

Hi Patti, not to worry all will work out for you and your puppies. You will all make the trip safely and then that big door will open for you and all of life's wonders will be yours.
It is hard to leave family and friends, but as I said before, you have to follow your heart and do what is right for you.
I know whatever it is you will do, you will be great at it. I am sure the 10 years at QVC gave you many friendships and lots of the best memories ever. But guess what, LA will do the same.
All the best to you Patti, God's blessigs

03/23/2011 2:02pm

Patti, So glad u r doing so well. I think we are all curious as to why you are moving across the country. I am so happy for you because you seem so peaceful about it. We are going to keep up with you where ever you decide to go. PLEASE add a section to this website about your weight loss journey and healthy eating to help those of us struggling with weight loss. I watched you transform yourself and I would like to do the same. You are a great role model. I wish you much success and many blessings.

03/23/2011 2:10pm

Hey Patti,
Cannot wait to hear what your up too...
L.A. better watch out..
It seems the puzzle pieces are beginning to come together for you..
I'm the opposite, I plant my feet in the ground and my surroundings have to be familar..I'm not good with change.
So I applaude you in this major life changing experience..
And cannot wait to hear what your plans are..
In my thought and prayers,
Patti O

03/23/2011 2:25pm

Wishing you the best on your new journey. I agree with Patty you should become a writer. Looking forward to hearing about you future.

03/23/2011 4:25pm

Patti, wishing all the happiness there is out there in LA! Please keep us posted as to your travels and keep us updated. May all your wishes come true.

Shannon Loe
03/23/2011 4:26pm

Wow Patti! You are an amazing woman! I get so much out of reading what you have to say! I love your quotes of the day, your posts of what your doing, and your insightful blogs!! You will love L.A!!! I have grown up out here! I wish the best to you and your dogs in this exciting time!!!
God Bless

Karen Landry
03/23/2011 4:36pm

What a wonderful blog? When I read them I just am filled with strength to continue on in the old age bracket of life. Find a new interest, work in the garden, read a good book, clean out the closets and attic and help the needy. When you work for years, have children and grandchildren and then they all seem to go away.. there is a void..So busy is the void filler. You have found your filler right now. Good visits with family, continue with packing for your new adventure on the West coast and living a full life. God is Blessing us All....

03/23/2011 5:45pm

I so enjoy your blogs. You write beautifully. I wish you the best of luck in L.A. May all your dreams come true.

Janice Cruz
03/23/2011 6:12pm

Patti the hardest part of all of this was making the decision to go. You stay firm with the decision(s) you've made even when you feel the nerves and uncertainties entering ur thoughts. All moves can be rough and complicated but the outcome will make it all worth while.

You know you have alot of people cheering you on and wish you all the best in the world. Please keep us informed, when you can, on how everything is going.

Bless you Patti.


Janice Cruz

Jackie Cavitt
03/23/2011 6:12pm

Patti, I agree with everyone here who says you are a gifted writer...as I was finishing your blog, I was thinking that you should write a little book like Lisa Mason did...I miss you on QVC but am so thankful you are keeping in touch with all of us. We may be inspiring to you, but YOU are inspiring to us, too!!

linda M.
03/23/2011 6:21pm


Omgoodness what beautiful words on your blog...u put tears in my eyes u give me soo much strength so much encouragement to not be stuck in the same old..I wish the BEST,BEST for you sweet patti..God Bless u and ur doggies;)

03/23/2011 7:12pm

Patti, You are so inspirational and I guess we ALL think so as we come back to see any update you have provided to us. We are all waiting to see what's at the other end and hope you can share it soon. I'm betting it's something/one very special. I'm getting inspiration from you as I struggle to find a job since June '09 and admittedly, alot of the days are very difficult. Going to your website to see the updates, helps me. I moved here to SW FL to help when my Dad got sick. I had a few good years before he passed - he was the light of my life. Now Mom is down the street from me and is getting more fragile as the days pass.
Your writing is outstanding and touches all of us as we cheer you on along your journey to something new and promising. Nothing but the best, Miss Patti!!

03/23/2011 7:23pm

Patti.. I too moved from family and friends and 28 years at a position 8 years ago from CT to AZ. And while doing it I was undergoing treatment for breast cancer, and I had my two precious cats. I remember getting on the plane to move and I sobbed, what and when will I see my parents again but still looking so forward to my new home and adventures. I can only say it will work out, trust in God and say one day at a time and before you know it you will be there and you will say "how did I do it". What will make it all the more special is when those same family and friends come to visit or you return for a visit, I get back to CT twice a year. You will cherish those special times all together. And hey my cell phone always gets a workout when we call each other almost daily.
You'll manage just fine. I did and cancer free now 8 years.
love Terry

03/23/2011 7:46pm

Patti: I have tears in my eyes after reading your blog. You are an amazing writer. Just wishing you the best of luck in your new life. The dogs will be fine traveling and they will be adjusted before you. Again the best.

Barbara Eriksen
03/23/2011 8:21pm

Patti, you really have writting talent!!! Who knew? Just like the others, I enjoyed reading your latest blog. I miss seeing you on QVC. Your tips were so good. It didn't matter if you were giving us tips on beauty or clothes. And you always looked great. Love that. That is how I am too. Even if I am just going to the grocery store. I always run in to people. So I always feel better if my hair and make up is perfect. Ha,or close to it.
I want to wish you peace and joy on your new adventure. I truly believe that God will provide for you. Thanks for sharing your plans with all of your QVC fans. I admire you for following your heart. We only live once and we need to make the most of this life. Good luck with your move and I hope that it all goes smoothly. No lost or broken items. Safety for your pets too. Just saw the end of Oprah and her guest on her happiness show said that, if we join a club that we have to attend 1 day a month, that we will feel the same happiness as if our income was doubled. I joined Club 31 at my church and it is once a month and I enjoy getting together with all the women of our community. Be careful while you are so busy, God bless.

nancy, temecula, california
03/23/2011 9:04pm

oh how wonderful for you patti!!! i'm sure you will enjoy the weather here in california. i hope you will keep us posted as to what you're doing. you are a beautiful writer, also. take care, honey!!

03/23/2011 9:55pm

Hey Patti :)! I love reading your blogs and I am so proud of you for living your dreams! I miss seeing you so much on QVC, but I feel this is definitely a way to keep in touch! I agree with some of the other comments, even though you have other things on your horizon, writing is definitely your gift! You stated that you read inspirational books, which ones have made the most impact in your life? I'd like to read them as well! Take care and be well! I will drop a line to you soon :)!

03/23/2011 10:55pm

Patti girl I have butterflies I am so excited for you!! It is a little scary to step out there just remember you have lots of positive energy under those wings!! Keep on being you and thank you for all the positive energy you bring!!!

Marcia Moore
03/24/2011 12:11am

Patti, all I am going to say right now is I am sending you Mighty Prayers and Tender Hugs. You felt in your heart your are doing the right thing. I am sure God planted that seed in your heart and you are doing the right thing. Cannot wait to hear what awaits you. By the way, wearing flip-flops 9 months out of the year is Wonderful, and looking at the ocean and nature everyday is a gift. Hugs my Friend.

03/24/2011 12:35am

Patti you are the most precious person you lift mr up you are so beautiful and talented you are movie star material I have told you this many times you have it all I will miss you but through your blogs I will still be connected please keep us informed on your plans they are many of us that dearly love you I've allways wanted to meet you but that can't happen beens you are headed to LA and I'm in the tarheel state of NC stay as special as you are now ( cry ) you have us from all over the world love glenda ( Suzanne , Elizabeth , Cody & Shirley ) my furry babies God Take Care of Our Girl

03/24/2011 8:05am

Miss Patti.... you have been greatly missed on the Q. Feel blessed that you are still keeping all of us in your life! Best of luck with your next step. We're all here rooting you on, as I know you do the same for us. Can't wait to see what life has in store for you. Be safe with your move. Enjoy that sunshine on your kind face:)

03/24/2011 8:31am

Hi Patty,

I enjoy your blogs dearly. I especially enjoy your quotes for the day. Keep them coming. I look foward to them

03/24/2011 10:52am

Patti, what a class act you are! When I read your blogs, they tug at my heart strings.It's been said before, what a great writer you are. You are a gifted person and will succeed in anything you do. I enjoy reading your blogs, it makes my feel like a close friend of yours. You have no idea how many people love you and are cheering you on. I also love your dogs, thanks for sharing them with us. Good luck and all the best to you. I will keep reading as long as you keep writing.

kathy coupe
03/24/2011 11:16am

Patti- I know moving can be an overwwhelming task, just take things one step at a time. I LOVE your 2 neighbors, children fill us with such hope for the future. I know you'll be living the dream in LA. I wish you all the BEST!

03/24/2011 12:38pm

Patti, I want to wish you and your puppies ALL THE BEST in this great BIG adventure! Somehow things have a way of working out, and you never know what you will find along the way.
My daughter and I moved from CT to FL nearly three years ago to be near Walt Disney World, our second home. (And the weather here certainly helped our decision)! We live 10 minutes from EPCOT and now go whenever we want (although not as often as you'd think)!
It was scary. We left ALL our family up in CT. I was able to take my CT job to FL and work from home but then a year later, LAYOFF! Imagine not knowing the area, where the jobs were or what to do next. So I pulled myself up by my bootstraps (OK actually my flip-flops) and found a job, became a licensed Insurance Agent and work for one of the biggest agencies in Central FL. I am proud of my daughter too. She left her "job" at Mohegan Sun in CT when we moved here and after getting a "job" at a bank here and then getting laid off a short time later, she realized it was time to go back to College so that in time, she could get a real career. College costs here in FL are way below the national average and since she is umemployed she getting it ALL paid for. She finishes next year with her BA in Sign Launguage Interpretation and Communication Disorders. NONE of this would have happened if we had stayed in CT. We would still be in our old ruts. SO just wait to see what's coming....it'll be everything and nothing that you've expected! And it'll all be wonderful!! (And think of the Freq Flyer miles you'll get going home once in a while to visit like we do!)

Marianne Denning
03/24/2011 1:55pm

Patti, I was an army wife for many years, and when "we" retired we decided to go to Texas - far from our family in Boston. I missed watching my niece and nephews grow up - and missed family holidays, but after being away for 20 years, I believe it was the right decision for me.

Moving can be scary...or it can be the most wonderful adventure! I'm wishing you a very exciting and happy adventure!

03/24/2011 3:04pm


I am so happy for you and your new adventure in life. I understand completely when you talk about family and all being in separate places. I live in CT, my sister in NC and my father in FL. I have an 18 year old son that is now experiencing his own life and now it is time for me. I am in the process now of moving on for me. It is a scary process but an exciting one as well. You will go on and do great things and I am so happy I will be here to follow you along on your journey!! Best wishes!!

03/24/2011 6:00pm

Hi Patti,

I love all the blogs and facebook postings you write. I hope you will write a book oneday. I just love reading everything you write. Thanks for all your words. You will be so Great at whatever you do. Just keep sharing,because you are helping those of us that dream,but never move on those dreams. Thanks so much

Ann Chavis
03/24/2011 8:09pm

omgosh your blogs and qoutes r beautiful and touch the hearts of all who read them. Thanks from the ground up to the sky for sharing with us!!! Sidney and Piper will arive safely to mommy n LA! God bless u and keep u safe from all harm:)

03/24/2011 8:46pm

Well Patti, What can I say that hasn't been said. You are all that others have written. Reading the comments really got me thinking about what you are doing!! I thought you were going to be spending more time with family/friends, and then realized you are moving away from them. I know how much you love your family, so I am even more impressed with your courage to follow your dream. I don't know what is in L.A. for you, but I hope you have a plan, and it works out. I am waiting patiently until you can tell your fans exactly what is up! I know you will stay in contact with family/friends, and your fans on your website and FB...you are a caring, senstive person. I applaud your decision and how difficult it was for you to make this choice. There are many out there with regrets that they didn't do what their heart told them too, so go for it and dream big. I miss you on the Q sooo much, it seems so strange not to see you on air. Have a successful move. Your doggies will be fine, but I so understand your worrying about them. This is exciting...and we are living your dream with you! Blessings...

03/25/2011 12:10am

Hi Patti:

I've just read your blogs. I must say I am envious of your freedom. I too feel trapped in my life here, with nowhere to go. I can't leave; we can't sell our house, I lost my job at a bank last year, and am now working for 9.00 n hour. Honestly, nothing good has happend to me in 5 years. I feel like my life is passing me by, and I'm just a spectator. I wish I were you...able to leave for an unknown but happier existence. I've certainly enjoyed watching you on QVC, especially Friday nights, and like hearing your tips for beauty. I wish you the best of luck in your new venture, and congratulate you on your courage to venture out into the unknown. You seem to have such fire to do what is right for yourselk, something I lost a long time ago. Best wishes in California, and may God bless you, your family, and your furry children.

03/25/2011 1:08am

Hi Patti!

I am so thrilled for you! I am a native Californian, having lived here all my life. Except for the last few weeks (rainy), you will love the weather here. I truly believe your darling black lab will thrive and do much better here with the weather. You have a lot to look forward to. Make sure to check out Pasadena. I know you will love Colorado Boulevard and all the shopping, hip restaurants and the area. It can be a great place to live too. I know you have tons of friends and people to look out for you in L.A., but if you ever need any help, advice, a sister and friend when you are homesick, give me a call or come out to Thousand Oaks, CA (Ventura County) on your way to Santa Barbara, CA.You will love Santa Barbara and San Diego too. The list is endless -- Newport Beach too.

All the joys that you are so worthy and deserving of are in front of you for the taking. God's blessings will continue to follow you wherever you go.

Keep smiling from your heart because you glow and make those around you feel the warmth of your love and sincere friendship.

With love, hugs, smiles & best wishes,

Gina H.
Thousand Oaks, CA

03/25/2011 6:59pm

Best of luck to you! Its nice to hear the comments left on your site are of meaning. I will miss your presence on QVC.

03/25/2011 7:23pm

Hey Patti,
I was sad to hear that you left the Q, but so understand your desire to expore what the world has to offer.I also love reading your blog. Your writting is terrific. Just hearing about your dogs and the love and devotion you have for them. (I can relate completely) And the cute little girls on your street.
I wish you love and true happiness. Whatever your happiness may be.

Martha Ellen
03/25/2011 7:59pm

Patti---lift your wings and fly! Follow your heart and happiness will always be yours! I can't wait to hear what is on the horizon waiting for you!

Ruth Ann
03/25/2011 8:59pm

Patti, Watched you mature and become a woman on QVC and now you are taking on a new venture. One door closes and a better one opens. I lived in So. Ca., San Diego and Carlsbad and loved it there, however, family was here in MD. I know that you will love the area, I know that I did. We all want peace and happiness, but many of us become what others want us to be and we actually lose ourselves in the process. Don't let that happen to you, stand firm and be the evervescent Patti that we all know and love. I don't know you personally, however, as I see you, all I see is SUCCESS in any thing that you aspire to do. Many blessings to you and big HUGS!! Keep us posted.

03/26/2011 9:21am


I have watched you for so many years and admire the hard work you have displayed in your weight loss journey. I am jealous you are moving to LA it has always been a dream of mine. I am sure you will do something great out there and make a mark on California. Please keep blogging so we can keep track of your successes! Safe trip.

03/27/2011 1:46pm

Patti I Admire your GUTS! Ive been in the same career 30yrs. and worked with the same group of people for 25 of them and I can't seem to move down the street. You go girl! Good Luck.

03/28/2011 1:52pm

I was 62- cleared out a 4/12 room apt in 3wks by myself because I was determined to change my life too. You are young -you can do it but you must establish a residence in LA so you have a base. There is an airline that caters to animals only - use them to get your babies safely there. And live and enjoy - you have the whole world ahead of you. God Bless you.

03/29/2011 8:21am

I really admire what you are doing with your life. There is a reason for everything and I am sure that you will aspire to achieve great things. If there was ever any question to that, all anyone would need to do is look what you have accomplished so far. I will miss seeing you on QVC, especially the beauty shows...I was always anxious to see what you were wearing or what jewelry you had on! Please, continue to write and let us know what is going on in your life....it really has been a pleasure watching you for all of these years:)

03/29/2011 3:41pm

I have had alot going on in my life lately with family, so I got behind in reading your blog. But caught up today. I was wondering if you was going to move. Wondering why you pick LA. Seem's so far away from all your friends at QVC, which I know you have. Seem's strange with you not doing Friday Night Beauty. I wish you nothing but luck. And I will be keeping up on your blog.

Carol Goldston
04/06/2011 11:07am

Best of luck Patti, Will miss you on QVC, but your happiness is what's important.

04/11/2011 7:28pm

Hi Patti, I saw where the twitter for DWTS was taken off. I think you should do it,do it, do it!!!! It's one of my favorite shows but I can't watch the part where someone gets voted off. Too much for me. Good luck, Linda

Mary Beth McCafferty
04/16/2011 2:53pm

Hi Patty, You really have done a lot of soul searching and moved your life into a new and exciting direction. I personally am looking to do the same thing and you are certainly a great inspiration! What beauty ideas from QVC did you take with you and use everyday? Good Luck!

05/01/2011 12:20pm

Hi Patti..reading your blog really gives me a sense of encouragement and inspiration. The hardest thing to ever do is take that first step. It was sad to see you leave QVC but you sound like you are doing great and L.A. is going to be awesome for you. Can't wait to hear where this venture takes you. Wish you lots of luck and happiness.

Cyd Noble
07/30/2011 12:18pm

Patti, I've been catching up on your blog. I just learned that you moved to California. You are an inspiration. I love that you are embracing change and maybe that is something that I can learn from you. You are a beautiful writer also. Good wishes and thoughts to you always.


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