When you realize that life is really and truly what you make it, when that truth stares you straight in the face, you begin to choose differently.  Wisdom does come with age & experience, as they say.  It's just not until we're immersed in the thick of things that we figure this out.  I've wondered for years why I haven't had the family I always dreamed I'd have, or why families drift apart and you only end up seeing cousins & relatives at weddings or funerals.  Sad, but for many of us very true.  My family now is scattered everywhere.  And being an Aunt is one of the most special gifts I've been given, yet I rarely see my niece & nephews.  To make things different, what do you do?  How do you choose?  My brother's family is going through a lot of heartache and I'm devastated for him and the kids.  I'm glad for skype and phone calls, but miss horseback riding with my niece.  I want to be the one that teaches her how to put on makeup, that let's her talk about boys and school and the growing pains of an 11 year old.  I want Finn to run to me when he sees me and feel safe & happy when I'm around.  I want to go to
every school play that Collin is in cheering him on. But how far is too far when inserting yourself in someone else's life?  I let them know I'm here.  Always.  That will never change.  Time goes by so quickly though and it doesn't discriminate.  Enjoy every moment as deeply as you can.  I close my eyes and picture my family, once all together in the state of Pennsylvania and now spread across the east coast.  I love thinking about the barbecues at my brothers house, all of us laughing and snapping photos of Finn eating his first ear of corn.  Or when I took my niece rock climbing, and at 11 years old she scaled the beginner wall in 3 minutes and moved on to advanced to the surprised look of the owner.  He asked her if she wanted to be part of their rock climbing team.  She smiled and replied, "I can't. I'm moving.".  My little spider monkey:) I remember my nephew Collins play, he had one of the lead
roles and did an amazing job. I was so proud of him. Little Finn running around my house, trying to catch the "keeeeee-cat!  "come here keee cat!!!" (that would be the super fluffy Sydney!). My Mom & Dad Skype me and I love it.  Because no matter how old you are, or where you are in life, the love of a parent is unlike anything else.  There's nothing like a "Mom hug" or a moment when your Dad says he's proud of you. And even if for you there are different people in your life that fulfill these emotional needs, that's okay too, just keep them close.  Remind them what they do for you.  These are definitely the good things in life.   



Linda O'Neill
05/22/2011 2:28am

Patti, Hello again. Just a reminder to keep turning the wrong corner sometimes, I love to hear your experiences. Hope you get settled in and all goes well for you. Looking forward to your next blog.

05/30/2011 8:28am

Patti You will definitely be missed by most of us. I think you and Lisa R. made a great team. I was shocked to see you were gone. You started out so quiet and ended up one of the best host in make up and clothes. You became very knowlegeable and will miss you very much, You came so far. Loosing all that weight, really coming into your own. Will definitely miss all those evenings with you and Leslie selling bare minerals- one of my favorite products. Wish you well, and miss you so!!! Good luck with whatever you will be doing!!


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