Just left Vieques Island, Puerto Rico. A little piece of heaven on earth, and exactly what I needed. Driving in the car now from JFK back to West Chester, staring at the dirty snow I close my eyes and picture the caribbean sea instead. I can't wait to walk in the door so I can be greeted by two four-legged furry dogs who will both I insist on hugs & kisses before I even have a chance to put my bags down. Sydney will softly whimper and bury her face in my lap while Piper's teeth chatter and she bounces in place waiting anxiously for her chin rub and peanut butter treat. I would take them with me everywhere if I could. Tomorrow I'll have to sort through post-vacation stuff, topping the list will be to saturate my hair with a WEN re- moist mask. Beach hair looks fabulous on super models- not on me! It typically takes me about 3 days to completely unpack. Aside from ironing, unpacking is my least favorite thing to do. I can't wait to Skype my niece. She did a charity run for her school in North Carolina and to help families in Haiti. She ran the most laps of anyone in her class and raised a lot of money. So proud of her. Hopefully I'll get to see Finn & Collin this weekend since they're here in Pennsylvania. I haven't seen my parents in a while and miss them terribly. My Mom's birthday is this Sunday. She's still recouping from shoulder surgery last week. She said that my Dad is trying so hard to be helpful, but the house is a mess and it's driving her crazy! I have to laugh at that because growing up my Mom was the Super Mom who did it all: cooked, cleaned, car pooled, you name it. My Dad traveled so much I'm pretty sure he's been under the impression that dishes really do clean themselves, lol! Love you Dad:). Anyway, I'm grateful I had a few days to get away and simply relax. No agenda, glancing at my watch, making phone calls, or cleaning. Nice. Back to reality now, but definitely feeling recharged and less anxious. I hope you all reward yourselves every now and then, either with a vacation, a night out with your friends or even a hot bubble bath. It helps.


02/18/2011 12:52pm

Hi Patty, welcome back! Just want to say that you are my fav host, you seem so real and down to earth!!

I am planning a trip to San Juan in the spring, and was wondering if you can tell me where you stayed? Looking for a nice resort...its hard to just book something based on pics on a website. Thank you so much!

Ashley T.
02/19/2011 5:47pm


Your spirit sounds so refreshed! Welcome back:)

03/11/2011 5:57pm

I am so glad you enjoyed Vieques and PR!! I am from there and very happy you got to enjoy it, enjoyed the people,the island and its warmth.
Blessing on your new future!

Belva Farrand
03/12/2011 11:38am

Hi Patti,I just read about your trip to Vieques......I know about this island because my daughter who is executive director of New York Magazine goes there to have a "peaceful break" from her very busy and stressful job(which she does love,however,but has to leave the city for a different pace!)I never hear of anyone going there and was surprised to hear that you also "know about this place"!I was so shocked to tune into Friday Night Beauty last night and hear that you are leaving QVC....I was in tears by the end of the show,but admiring all your beautiful bouquets(my husband & I are florists and own a flower shop) and definitely wishing you all good things in life....you are beautiful and have so much potential....I feel there is a very happy and successful future out there "just waiting for you"!
Keep taking good care if those dogs;I was crying as I read about Piper not being able to climb the stairs,but it's obvious she is in wonderful hands!I can relate as I have 3 (once upon a time "stray")cats and I love them and take really good care of them!
Best of Luck,Patti and I (and ever so many people "out there")share all the sentiments relayed to you last night by all your QVC Family....Take care and God Bless!Love,Belva

06/09/2011 1:23pm


You're missed more than you know. Let us know what you're doing. Be happy!


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