It's hard to believe that in a few days from now my life will never be the same.  Things that have become so familiar to me will be missed, like the tree-lined streets in my neighborhood and even rooms in a house that tomorrow will no longer be mine, will be remembered for cocooning me when I felt small and for sheltering family & friends when they needed a place to feel safe and loved.  I'll miss standing out in the backyard staring up at the powerful and mysterious moon.  The same moon I stared at over 11 years ago when I dreamt about a new life in Pennsylvania and leaving my little yellow house and comfortable life in Rhode Island behind.  It was like the pull of the moon... I trusted the feeling I had then and I'm trusting it now.  The waxing & waning of the omnipresent symbol of the night reminds me of a song I used to sing to Teagan when she was a baby: "I see the moon & the moon sees me.  The moon sees the one that I want to see.  So God bless the moon & God bless me, and God bless the one that I want to see."  I told her that we all look up at the same moon, that it follows us wherever we go and wherever life takes us- near or apart.  
The past few weeks although busy, have also been a time for catching up with friends and family.  I've had more dinners, champagne toasts, cupcake celebrations and pedicures in the past 2 months I should be set for life!  But it wasn't about what we did, it was about taking the time to get together and taking time to just enjoy the moment.  I've made some good friends here, that's for sure.  And their support and encouraging words push me forward and help to quell the burn of fear in my heart that sometimes flares up.  It's been amazing- the people that have reached out to wish me well and cheerlead me on this journey.  They remind me that a one-way ticket goes both ways.  That living a life of "what if's" isn't acceptable and that sometimes choices are made for you and you can't change them no matter how badly you wish you could.  They remind me that by honoring yourself you also honor others.  That's huge.  I hope they all know that there's a place for them to stay when they visit the west coast:)  Thank you guys, thank you so much!
So I'm lying in bed in my cousin's apartment counting down the days and checking off things on the
to-do list while there's a moving truck with a driver named Harvey, probably cruising along I-44 West somewhere in Oklahoma with all of my things: clothes, furniture, books, and tons of other things I can live without.  One thing I didn't put on that truck is a box of old photos and cards.  I'm taking those with me in my carry-on.  Some things you just don't leave to chance.

For most people, we often marvel at the beauty of a sunrise or the magnificence of a full moon, but it is impossible to fathom the magnitude of the universe that surrounds us.
Richard H. Baker 


05/30/2011 11:14pm

Welcome to California and good luck at whatever you are choosing to do.

Lori Schneider
05/30/2011 11:26pm

Every time I read your blog I cry. I sense a sadness in you when I read your words. I think of my own evolution and would just like to leave you with one of my personal revelations that surely was a turning point for me. "no matter where you go, geographically, you always take yourself." You take care Patti. Life is a journey and nothing that choose along the road is a mistake, it's simply the path that you're on. It take some people longer to get "there," than others.
I'll be keeping up with your "trip."

05/31/2011 1:17am

I think you have been off the air for about two months now. How time does fly. I hope your trip is successful and you do well. It has helped me so much to read your blog as my own life is changing, and helps me to know that I am not alone.

05/31/2011 9:49am

Miss you on QVC.. what is it that you're going to do in California? You haven't said. We're all wondering..

Annette Rogers
05/31/2011 4:11pm

Wishing you the very best, Patti!! I always enjoyed your programs on QVC You will be missed! I'm praying that your move will be happy and problem-free. Please keep in touch and tell us what you like about the west coast. Take care!! Annette

05/31/2011 4:19pm

God's Speed Patti.

The unknown is scary but the new adventure ahead is exciting, live a good happy life.

06/01/2011 12:10am

I wish you the best in your new adventure!!! I have just read and caught up on your blog, and as always you are truly a "gift" and "inspiration". Very excited for you - no matter where you land - you will succeed and inspire others. Look forward to more of your blog...

~Nadine ;)

Margaret Whitacre
06/01/2011 9:34am

Patti, I hope that the friends you made in CA will be there for you the same way your friends in PA were when you needed them. God Bless, Best wishes for the future.

06/01/2011 4:03pm

Hi Patti! Wow this is a first for me. I don't blog or tweet or facebook or anything other than email, yet since you have left QVC I have been drawn to your blogs and checking in on how you are doing. I can't really explain that. I think I see some of myself in you. I also seem to want to wish you well.
I think the older I get the less I know and the scary things become. Since I've hit my early 50's, which I know is very much older than you, I know alot of the feelings you are experiencing. What I hear in your writing is something in you that's a driving force towards something really wonderful. I look forward to hearing how things unfold for you in California. You kinda let me know there is another world out there. I am a caregiver to my 94 yr old mom who lives with me and my husband. I don't get out much so I read your blogs. It is true that we all look at the same moon. I don't know where it started really, but I always say to my husband when things get me down...."You would think I was asking for the sun, moon and stars on a silver platter". Reach for all those things Patti, because you deserve them.

Bobby Roberts
06/01/2011 4:38pm

Hi patti........I happened to see your FIRST q show...and enjoyed watching you grow into your're such a wonderful presence and full of positive energy. Glad life is so good...and love the fact that when you lost all your weight you didn't change and lose YOU...god bless you on your new journey....enjoy the ride.....Bobby

06/02/2011 3:32am

Patti, I wish you much happiness in your new life. I am very excited for you. Please continue your blog and Facebook. I love the QOTD.

06/02/2011 11:43am

Hi, Patti, I am a long time QVC viewer/shopper and I miss you on the air. I read your blogs but I'm confused and very much uninformed. I know you left the Q and I know you are selling your house and moving but...where are you moving to and what are you planning to do in your future? I would love to know more..I am older and I do try to keep up..not nosy, just curious and interested.
I hope your big move is everything you dreamed it to be..Hugs
Mae E in Tx

06/02/2011 2:58pm

Patty--wishing you all the best in your new journey. Looking forward to hearing about your next adventure--godspeed!

Nancy Bologense
06/02/2011 4:25pm

Wow. What a post! You are the BOMB. Please keep us posted on what new things Cali has to offer. I hope you and the dogs and all of your stuff make it there...all at the same time! Remember, deciding not to decide something is STILL making a decision so go ahead and feel free to make a mistake or two in the process of actually making a decision for YOURSELF. So many things are not in our control but we all have the ability to control our reaction to something and that does not mean sticking your head in the sand! (OK, maybe you can do that for a day or two!) Things really will be great and it's up to you to make them special. Go for it, Patti! God Bless!!!

Mary Keemer
06/04/2011 12:03am

Hi Patti,

You write so very beautifully. It's like reading a short story. I hope you fine what you are looking for in Cali.
I'm still missing on the Q. The beauty shows are not the same.

Wishing nothing but the best for you, Patti.


06/04/2011 10:46am

Another inspirational blog from you. Today I attend a memorial Mass for a young man who could not do the "What if's " in life and took his own. How sad for some who do not have the inner strength to move on. He did have family strength but that alone won't cut it. You have to have that inner drive to move on and you have that and have shown it in your inspirational blogs. This one will help me get throught the day with this sad family.
Peace to you and I know the moon will shine along with the sun and Gods blessings on all that you wish to accomplish..

06/04/2011 2:58pm

Hi Patti!

Wow, your dream of moving to CA is almost upon you! I know how much u have been looking forward to this. Before u know it, u will be feeling at home again in your new place and city! I really wish you a safe trip and so much enjoyment. Home is always where the heart is!


Margaret Whitacre
06/06/2011 9:29am

Patti, I checvk your facebook page and your blog every day. By now you are probably in CA setting up your house and having interviews. Best of luck in both areas. Wish you nothing but the best.

Lori Hoffman
06/06/2011 8:16pm

Patti, I wish you the very best. Miss seeing you on QVC. I hope you are very happy with your move and wish you good health and lots of happiness in your new world. Please keep us informed!

Jack Stryker
06/07/2011 12:10pm

Good luck and best wishes on your trip to California. 23 years ago at the age of 32 I ran away, as it were, to Berkeley,CA and I have been here ever since. Although I do miss my native Bronx,,I never regretted coming here.I felt at home from day one. I hope that you have some of those same wonderful experiences.

mary nestor
06/07/2011 10:57pm

i miss not seeing you or lisa mason on the show are you still on it i hope so

Carol G.
06/08/2011 7:57am

Best Of luck Patti.

06/08/2011 2:31pm

Hi Patti!

By now, you are probably well on your way with your move. I hope Harvey brings all of your possessions safely to your new home! Enjoy all of your new adventures! I always enjoy reading your
blog, thanks.


Mary-Ann Pinghera
06/08/2011 4:09pm

Dear Patti,
Your last Blog is dated May 30, 2011. Please let all us know how you are doing. Did you arrive in Los Angeles? If yes, how is the house you are renting and is everyone in L.A. treating you well? Hope all is well with you.

Dawn Zellefrow
06/10/2011 12:45am

Where are you moving to? New job? How did you lose all of your weight?

06/11/2011 4:21pm

Miss you Patti. May your happiness follow you always.

06/11/2011 5:32pm

Dear Patti, I too miss you on the Q especially when watching ZUMBA the other night! God Speed in all your roads & hope life blesses you as you bless it! Love RJ

jemma howard
06/11/2011 10:33pm

Good luck Patti, sorry to hear about Jeannie Brice. RIP JB

Cindy McIntosh
06/12/2011 2:57am

Hi Patti, I miss not seeing you on QVC and immediately thought of you today when I heard that Jeanne Bice had passed away, I always loved watching the two of you together. Welcome to California, may all your hopes and dreams comes true.

06/12/2011 8:47am

Patti, I sure miss you on QVC, haven't bought a thing since you left. Good luck in California. Please post so we know how you are doing.

06/12/2011 9:16am

Well, I don't blame you one bit for wanting to move on, but QVC is not the same without you. Honestly, I didn't watch that much to begin with-I loved your makeup shows- but now I don't seem to watch at all anymore. Thats ok, I can't seem to get caught up anyway between the house and the yard. I just wanted to wish you good luck, and send you happy thoughts. Whatever you do, I am sure you will be success and the people lucky enough to be working with you will be blessed. Take care and God Bless.


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