I just arrived home on the red eye from Los Angeles and am sitting in my living room surrounded by papers, bills, boxes, and an empty bedroom upstairs that my cousin, Dyanna, just moved out of today.  She's been living with me for a few months now (she moved here from St. Louis to pursue a new career) and it's so incredible how even after over a decade of being hundreds of miles away from each other, leading completely different lives, once she got here we bonded just like we did when we were kids.  We used to get in alot of trouble when we were growing up.  I'll never forget the time she drove her dad's company dump truck to my college campus to go to a frat party with me - in the snow!!!   I remember how funny it was trying to help her navigate parking- it literally had the backup "BEEP, BEEP" noise that makes you jump out of your skin, I was laughing so hard!  She and I have done so many fun things together: rock climbing, mountain biking, we took a trip to Costa Rica and drove four-wheeler's on the beach and zip-lined through the forest and one summer we went on a road trip to Virginia where we rented a cabin, went to an outdoor concert where guitar artist, Eric Bibb, performed (love his music: "99 1/2 Won't Do" and "The Cape" are a couple of my favorites) and we just happened to stumble across the Luray Caverns during an anniversary year so they had all the caves lit with candles, it was absolutely beautiful and something I will never forget.  I'll miss Dyanna so much and already do, but I'll always be grateful for this "bonus" time we had together, because really- who knew???  I never in a million years thought we'd have this chance to reconnect.  Just goes to show you how wonderfully unpredictable life can be.
So the house is quiet, it's 1:44am and I'm not even close to being tired.  I think I'm still wired from the quick trip and loooong flight that I may have to do pilates for a while to wear me out.  I'm relieved to say that I did end up finding a house to rent!!!  It's located in the San Fernando Valley area (colloquially known as "The Valley") which is roughly 20 minutes northeast of the city yet close enough that I won't have to worry myself sick about sitting on the 405 for hours... hopefully.  I'm just happy that I found a nice house with a yard in a quiet area- I can now check that off the list:)  
I took Sydney for a walk today and we saw Sophie and Bella playing outside in the trees.  Literally, in the trees.  Sophie, the oldest, was sitting on a branch in a huge tree in her front yard.  She had created a pully system with white rope and a blue crate so that she could smuggle toys and snacks to her station on the branch.  It didn't matter that she was the one that had to jump to the ground, load the crate, then quickly scale back up the tree to pull the crate up (looked like alot of work to me! I would have handed her a juice box, lol!!!) she was just so excited to show me how it worked.  Her sister, Bella, was swinging from a "foot swing" she had made on a tree next to Sophie's.  Basically she had tied a rope to a branch, knotted a loop at the end, stuck one foot it in and swang back & forth singing a sweet little song- it was too cute!  I will definitely miss these girls.  They make me smile everytime I see them and I can't believe how much they've grown.  I waved goodbye and continued my walk with Sydney preparing to turn left at the end of my street the way I always do and have done for nearly 5 years, in fact Sydney instinctively pulled the leash taut with the desire to go left.  I paused and looked around at my neighborhood: the beautiful houses and tall, lush pine trees, I basked in the silence & stillness of the moment, took a deep breath of the fresh Spring Pennsylvania air and went with my gut.  I took a right.  This confused Sydney intitially, but once we picked up our usual pace she was happy to oblige and pranced alongside me.  And I know it may sound weird and perhaps insignicant, but the perspective I got from shifting my direction was completely unexpected.  I saw things I'd never seen before- a sunroom on my neighbor's house I never knew existed, a beautifully maincured rose garden down the street, a children's play set in the yard of my neighbor the next street over - it didn't even feel like my neighborhood, isn't that crazy?  But at the same time I liked the way it felt to see all of these things. It felt new and refreshing.  It was a change.  And eventhough it felt uncomfortable at first, once I fully committed to the direction I enjoyed this particular walk with Sydney more than any we've taken in 5 years.
Change can be so amazing if you just allow it to happen instead of fighting against it.  If you can embrace the changes in your life with as much grace and ease as possible, you will be stronger than you ever imagined.  I love this neighborhood and I have loved this house.  Both have been a safe haven for me for years.  I really lucked out.  Heading west will mean a new home, new career, new neighbors new opportunities, new friends and new walking paths.  Alot of "new-ness" to adjust to but alot of excitement at the same time.  I hope to keep you posted if there are any interesting things that happen along the way.  Enjoy your summer and please keep the emails coming, I love hearing from you:)   

"Around the bend, in the unseen, arising from the very uncertainties that may now seem to taunt you, there are some amazing surprises, awesome twists, and spellbinding coincidences about to emerge that you can't even now imagine." -The Universe


05/08/2011 5:54pm

As I told you a few months ago "when you finally make that decision to do something different or change, everything will fall into place". It's just making that decision is the most difficult. All the best Patti!!

05/08/2011 6:24pm

I, too, am heading for change..I got promoted within my job..way more responsibility..way more everything..I am excited..scared..a bit overwhelmed with the thought of it..everyone is so sure I can do this..why do I question myself? I need to jump in with both feet and just enjoy the ride...this is a fabulous thing for me...love your blog..you are a terrific writer..thanks for the inspiring words..you never know whom you reach

Susan Farrell
05/08/2011 6:28pm

Very nicely said. It helps to read things like this from someone else, when you are going through something very similar. Lost my job. May need to sell my home and move out west where my life first began after my divorce. As Terry said, making the decision is the hardest part of change. Keep us updated.

Ray Brown
05/08/2011 7:04pm

For Patti who is going to have a great new life out west

You put the “P” in personality, since you left “Q” there is very little of it left there
No other host can match your affect on a show as I am sure they are now fully aware
It is easy to relate to your smart move to the golden state as I was born and raised there
It’s the best place in the USA, I was 16 when my father moved me away seemed unfair

There is so much to see there, you will be a big hit when your family and friends visit you
Hoping that much good luck comes to you in finding a great home, job and settling in too
A new life in California should be where all your dreams and aspirations can come true
The humidity is usually low, the sun can shine and the sea and sky can be a beautiful blue

For me and your other fans we will have to learn to be without you and shed our tears
I only found you early this year while channel surfing, I can’t believe I missed 11 years
I know you don’t know me but I think you are amazing and magical - that is your career
I guess celebrities have to get used to affecting people that they can’t see, feel or hear

Your final show was fantastic discovering every range of emotion you could relate
In the middle with a comedy show where things were “not glued down” was great
The comments from your friends and co-workers cast the perfect backdrop to celebrate
Just how special you really are and how much honest to goodness personality you create

You are the perfect mix of tom boy, girly girl and everything else in between
You have a unique range of personality developed from your experiences and the unseen
Take all this and wrap it in such a beautiful package creates a honest to goodness queen
It is easy for others to celebrate such an amazing mix of personal attributes seldom seen

05/09/2011 12:27am

Patti, Ray Brown rhymed it better than I ever could. Your personality on the Q was infectious. It was amazing watching your transformation, and I don't mean the weight loss. You found your own look, your own way of connecting with the guests, your passion for beauty and clothes; in other words you found your voice and stood in your own light. Great job girl. I lived in LA for a while. You are going to love it. No doubt you will land the right job and begin a new and exciting career path. Remember, there will always be haters out there but you continue to walk in love and joy. Have no fear. Your new life will be amazing. God be with you.

05/09/2011 2:24am

Hi Patti - Let me say welcome to California! I'm a Calle Girl and welcome you to our awesome state. Now it's going to be a big change I'm sure from the east coast but I think you will like it. I congratulate you on making a change and living your life as opposed to live living you. Seeing the steps you are taking are an inspiration. I know you will do well out in LA and your career will soar. I could totally see you doing like Access Hollywood or Entertainment Tonight. Not sure what's on your rador but your beautiful face and inner beauty needs to be on TV and you'll make it. I know you like to workout and boy do I have something for you. It's called Circuit Works in Venice, CA and it's 60 minutes of cardio and weight training in a class environment to rocking music. The class is challenging, will kick your butt and whip you into the best shape of your life. I love it and have not done anything like it. What's great about LA is that there so much to choose in fitness. Well, if you want to hang with a native Calle girl and get your work out on - come on lets go.
I'll keep you in my prayers as you make the move and continue your journey.

Karen Landry
05/09/2011 9:45am

Sounds like a wonderful trip.. well all of them sound exciting..past and present. Glad all is going well. Lovely blog and really enjoyed.
Take care and God Bless,

05/09/2011 10:17am

Patti, what a wonderful blog. I love reading what you write, you inspire me. I am happy for you and at the same time I am so sad that you are moving seems like now that you are moving farther away in distance that you are realyy gone even though you are gone form the Q and we haven't seen you since. I really hope you keep us posted about what is going on in your new life in California. What will you be doing out there? It is exciting to be starting out on a new adventure. I just got back from California on Tuesday but mine was a much different trip we visited Disneyland and Legoland. My son loved it and so did I. He is 6 years old and it was his first trip to Disney and it was magical. I chose Disneyland because I love it, I like it more than Disneyworld. Don't know if we will make it out there again so it was our once in a life time sort of a trip. Being a single mom makes it hard and part of the trip was a gift and I am very thankful for it. It is great to see the wonder in your children's eyes. We would both love to visit California again though to visit the beaches and hike all the great trails I have heard about, we are a very outdoorsy (is that a word LOL) duo. Sorry I included too much about me, but I really miss you. Please keep us updated so we know you are doing well.
The best to you in all you do. I always wanted to meet you but now with you moving I know that is less of a possibility. You are someone I could see being friends with. You are a wonderful person.

05/09/2011 10:31am

Yay for finding a new house! It sounds perfect and in a nice neighborhood. Like you said, change could be amazing when you embrace it. I totally agree. I moved all the way from another country to here about 10 years ago. Frigthening at first but it only gets better and better. And I believe it will happen to you too. Just please don't forget to keep us posted when you can. God bless!

Linda Bulvin
05/09/2011 11:25am

Hi Patty: I have missed you so much on QVC. My sisters and I are shoppers on QVC for 30 Years. We really enjoyed watching you. I did get a chance a couple of years ago to talk to you on air. You are so sweet and really will be missed. I have been asking everyone what happen to you and they say they dont know. You never said goodbye. I wish you all the happiness in the world, and God Bless You.

05/09/2011 2:49pm

Patty--congrats on finding a home to rent--sounds lovely. Good luck to you and please keep us posted on what you are doing. Love reading your blogs--have you ever thought of a career in writing?

05/09/2011 5:24pm

Patti, I really enjoy and appreciate your blogs. All the comments ring so true. I really miss you on the Q...and am SO GLAD you have your FB page and this website so your fans can stay connected. Please keep it up, we love hearing what you so eloquently write about. I really do admire you...your changes have been significant...and I know very hard decisions have been made. I am an older woman...and I am so happy at your young age you have decided to be you, and not stay in some 'box' society may dictate. I wish I would have been so brave when I was younger. In fact, I can still be brave at my age,and make some changes I have always hoped to make. Your weight loss and dedication to staying healthy and looking great has really impacted me. As others have said,you never know who you reach, motivate, and change for the better. Know that you have helped many. I am so happy you found a nice place with a yard for your dogs, in a good neighborhood. One more thing to mark off your list. I am excited for you and can't wait to hear what happens next. Keep up all your good works, enjoy your life, continue taking chances and making changes. You inspire many, what a God given gift. Don't forget us on your new path...we want to stay connected. xo

05/09/2011 6:49pm

Well hello Patti! Im glad you made it to LA safe and sound :-) I hope you are enjoying yourself and the weather. My husband traveled the world and perfect timing brought him to me. I hope your new adventure brings you much happiness and joy. All my best to you. xoxo

05/10/2011 6:23pm

So enjoy your blog, especially like the last two with the post scripts, (thoughs for the soul) I always look forward to reading about your adventures, and knowing that you are so human, with all your insecurities like we all have and your truthfullness about lifes little exploits, I have certainly received some thought provoking words of knowledge from you.. I am 71 and still learning.....

05/11/2011 12:15am

Hi Patti!!! I am soooooooo happy for you!! You know, in life there are certain people that you root for even though they are only friends with you in your head and that my friend is you. I write this to you because as I read your blogs tears started to flow and I began to realize that life is really just passing me by. My hat is truly off to you as you have chosen to face your future head on, and may I add that just reading your blogs you have "TRULY INSPIRED ME!!" I wish for you the best God has ... and I'm sure with your beautiful face and even more beautiful spirit, you'll land safely and exactly where you should be! :o) Blessings Always!

05/11/2011 2:27pm

Patti: I truly enjoy reading your blog entries. They are really inspiring. It does help to hear others feelings, thoughts and even fears going through similar situations. Thank you for being so open. I too have recently undergone changes (as have so many others) as my husband, children and I have moved from our home that we built to downsize to a more affordable rental home. It has been sad and disappointing on one hand, while a bit relieving as to the affordability and flexibility it will create down the road. And truly, just as you said, it was making the decision to move that was the hardest. Sometimes it's easier when we have no choice in the matter. We put it off for so long, not wanting to feel like failures, not wanting to let go of our dream, or worried about what other people would think, etc., but we eventually came to reality that we needed to do it. Your words about embracing change with grace and ease instead of fighting against it really hit home for me as well as your comments about having new neighbors, walking paths, etc. Yes, it is uncomfortable at first. I have to trust God that this will all work out for our good in the end. I wish you the best on your journey during this time of transition for you and look forward to hearing from you.

Laurel Schreffler
05/11/2011 4:25pm

Hi Patty,

I only wish for health, happiness and love in your life. May you continue on your journey through life touching so many strangers with your kindness. God truly lives in your heart. Be true to yourself and success will always be with you......

Nan, temecula, ca
05/14/2011 4:26pm

Hi Patty, sounds like everything is going as planned. i'm thrilled that you found a new home. i hope this move brings you much happiness. please keep us posted on all the fun and exciting things that i know will be happening to you. best wishes!!!!

Carolyn Cantwell
05/14/2011 5:47pm

Haven't been a regular QVC viewer but I realized today while watching Fashion Day you were missing. You were always the the main host for Quaker Factory. You and Jean Bice were the perfect match because you wore her clothes well. You would have worked well with Angel too who is filling in for Jean. I just remember how much you were a part of Quaker Factory - wearing the clothes and representing the line better than any other host. Good luck in your new venture.

05/14/2011 11:39pm

I loved having you on The Q, and sometimes thought you were a shining star who had to hid your star behind the shadow of others. I wish you nothing but luck on your new adventure, and your new locale. I will miss seeing your perky and bubbly face on QVC!

05/16/2011 12:37am

Hi Patti, Oh m'gosh, I cannot believe your beautiful writings and all of a sudden today YES only today I realized that I had not seen you on QVC. Just want to tell you how much your words are similar to many issues in my own life. struggles w/family and life itself. I am glad I went to google and just typed in your name. was shocked to see this webpage. I had emailed you a long time ago when you were just starting to walk and lose some weight and I asked you "what are you doing"? You were so kind to answer me back re you were walking. well now that I have read all the hard work you have done to get yourself down to an unbelievable "other person look" ..seriously..it's just amazing the will power you must have endured. I so congratulate you. Thank you for sharing so many wonderful thoughts. I need to re-read them all again. what an inspiration! Maybe you could write a book yourself about motivation and how you came about this lifestyle change. So many women would love to read it and I'm sure it would be a great help. All for now. Just wanted to say "hi" to you; and I pray for your happiness.
God bless you,

05/17/2011 6:11pm

Patti, I am so proud of you for having the courage to make a change, uncertain of the future, but recognizing your inner needs and following your heart. I will miss you greatly on the Q, but i am satisfied that you have this website so that I may stay in touch with you. I wish you the very best and know that you will succeed in life. You are so beautiful, inside and out, and so talented. Wishing you the best, Julie.

Donna Zimmerman
06/18/2011 11:34pm

Hi, Patti! I'm glad I went back and read your post from the past few weeks again. Somehow I missed the part about how you found a house to rent and had been wondering what you were doing and where you were living. So glad you found a place and are settling in. Looking forward to hearing more of your adventures in CA. I am so glad I had the chance to meet you at Lisa's book signing in Exton. And although we all will miss Jeanne, you had a special relationship with her and I'm sure will be missing her for a long time to come. I hope you enjoy your new life to the fullest! Donna


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