I had a friend who was the sweetest, kindest, funniest and most thoughtful friend in the world.  She lifted me up whenever I felt sad and always reminded me to sparkle & shine my way through life.  She told me that it was my right to do that.  That it's still my right, and that it's your's too for the taking. My friend, Jeanne Bice, was a remarkable woman.  Isn't it amazing how this larger than life woman told the world who she was by decorating herself with rhinestones & jewels instead of shrinking in a body that society continually insisted wasn't okay?  Wow!  She demanded attention for who she was and she got it.  She deserved it.  Jeanne had a way of making everyone around her feel happy, confident, and comfortable in their own skin.  She made you peel the layers back a little bit and reveal the essence of who you really were.  She spoke the truth whether it was difficult to take or not:  "That's life, kiddo.  You gotta turn lemons into lemonade!".  She made you feel important and that is so rare these days.  Someone who listens and laughs, allows you to cry, then instantly brushes away the tears and makes you laugh again.  You never got away with playing the victim with Jeanne.  Own who you are.  If you don't like it, change.  If you change and you still don't like it, change again.  And again, and again...  I'm so thankful that I knew her and that she was a part of my life.  She taught me so much.  Let the little things go.  Be who you really want to be.  Reach for the stars!!!  Oh my gosh, if you only knew all of the conversations and heartfelt email messages we've shared.  I valued her opinion so much because she really invested herself in our friendship and I could feel it.  Leaving QVC behind meant that the truest friendships would be revealed- Jeanne & I were friends for life, that I knew for sure.
The news of her sudden death has left me stunned and heartbroken.  I've been reaching for memories all day- trying to grasp on to every last word spoken.  I was unpacking boxes just yesterday, before I even knew, and I opened one with plaques that said simple things like "Laugh", "Believe in your dreams", "Love isn't love until you give it away", and "Where hope grows miracles blossom'.  They're prints I've collected over the years that always remind me of Jeanne, just like they did yesterday when I opened the box and smiled, thinking of my friend Jeanne in Boca Raton- not knowing she was already bedazzling angel wings in heaven.  I miss her so much, but I know in my heart that I experienced one of the most extraordinary things ever: an angel on earth.  And as the saying goes, "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.".  I'm smiling through the tears and treasuring one of the purest friendships I have ever known.
Jeanne, I love you so much.  You were such a gift to me.  You believed in me when I didn't even have the courage to believe in myself.  I still hear your infectious laugh ringing in my ears.  I can see you smiling, your blue eyes sparkling with mischief and fun.  
I hope you are happy & healthy and free.

  After A While
After a while you learn
the subtle difference between
holding a hand & chaining a soul
and you learn
that love doesn't mean leaning
and company doesn't always mean security.
And you begin to learn
that kisses aren't contracts
and presents aren't promises
and you begin to accept your defeats
with your head up and your eyes ahead
with the grace of a woman,
not the grief of a child
and you learn
to build all your roads on today
because tomorrow's ground is
too uncertain for plans
and futures have a way of falling down
in mid-flight.
After a while you learn
that even sunshine burns
if you get too much
so you plant your own garden
and decorate your own soul
instead of waiting for someone
to bring you flowers.
And you learn that you really can endure
you really are strong
you really do have worth
and you learn
and you learn
with every goodbye, you learn...


06/13/2011 4:20am

Beautiflly written Patti, from a beautiful woman to another, Jeanne. I am so glad you experienced the wonderfulness of Jeanne's personally. I only 'knew' her through QVC. Oh, how she brightened so many people's days with her wit,comments, caring, wisdom, and joy. She had something special, that so many don't, and she passed it on the best she could. I know in my heart she is in a better place, happy, healthy and free. We miss her, we mourn her...but most of all we celebrate her.

Susan McDonald
06/13/2011 6:28am

These are lovely words, Patti. I always enjoyed watching Jeanne. She was a little unpredictable but always positive. Jeanne was a successful, self-made woman but she was always grateful to her QVC customers. Her friendship with you was always genuine on the air. I feel very sad about her passing and will miss her exciting presence, but she is now at peace with God. In heaven, our bodies are perfect and the suffering is over. Shine on, Jeanne!

06/13/2011 7:20am

Patti, We will miss both you and Jeanne so much. I live in Ripon Wi where Jeanne had often talked about and started her business. I feel she was an angel on earth. My husband and I have a flower shop that she would call to order flowers for her forever friends. I didn't realize you were leaving the show. Will truly miss your sense of humor your smile and just tuning in to watch you. All the best in your future. Iris God be with you always.

Patty Reisa
06/13/2011 8:26am

That was a very heartwarming message. Jeanne was a wonderful woman and will be greatly missed. I hope you are getting settled in your new home. God bless!

06/13/2011 10:19am

Hello, Patti:

Thank you for posting this lovely tribute to your friend.

When I read about Jeanne's death, I thought: "I wonder if Patti has heard about this terrible, sad happening?"

I thought that, because I remember shows you did with Jeanne, where the light of your friendship (and fondness for each other) really came through the tv screen for all to see.

I'm so sorry you've lost such a good friend, and I'm sorry Jeanne is gone. Her book (Pull Yourself Up by Your Bra Straps) gave me laughs and hope when I badly needed both.

RIP, Jeanne

06/13/2011 10:22am

Patti, I was at one of the live Quacker shows where you were the host and Jeanne's true personality shined! Not only was she caring and funny but she had little if any filter on her language which made her even more "real." There was a blind woman in the audience who Jeanne said came to every show even though she could not see the clothes..she just felt the fun they expressed. I am shocked. I knew Jeanne had been ill but we were never told it was serious. She is missed by all. Blessings to you!

Joann Ordonez
06/13/2011 10:55am

You were one of the first people I thought of after I heard the news. I knew you had a special friendship. Thanks for sharing your heart with us. Jeanne is proud of you. You have a gift for writing.

06/13/2011 11:09am

Once again you have a way with words that tell the true essence of the woman called Jeanne Bice. It's weird that through TV we have come to know and love a person that we have never met. She was the mother we wished we had and the friend we hoped to be.
I did not know that Jeanne was as sick as she was so the news I heard this morning comes as a complete shock. My sincere condolences to her family and friends. You are all better for having known a truly remarkable person and now an Angel in Heaven.

Tammy Beale
06/13/2011 11:31am

As you have said, when one door closes another door opens. I had a friend send this to me and I immediately thought of you. The writer is unknown.

Lady of Beauty

If the sky above seems cloudy

And you are left out in the rain,

If you are searching for a rainbow

But the colors bring you pain,

If your world is not revolving

And there is no end in sight,

If you are looking for the sunshine

But all you see is night,

If all around you are smiling

But all you can do is frown,

If you are tired of all this living

When life just brings you down,

Then look beyond your teardrops

at the wonder of the land,

The beauty of a flower

Like velvet in your hand,

Feel the the air around you

The smell of new mown grass,

Laughing children in the park

The innocence there at play.

Imagine floating with a butterfly

As she flutters between the trees,

Or the whispers of the ocean

On warm hot summer's breeze.

Think of the taste of cotton candy

As it melts upon your tongue,

Or the melody of morning birds

as they greet each day with song.

Remember words of beauty

Told in your mother's embrace,

Feel the gentleness of her touch

As she softly kissed your face.

Seek the good within you

Cast the clouds from your sky.

Don't look toward the pavement

But hold your head up high.

Think not what life owes you

But of all you have to give.

Forget about tomorrow

Then you can start to live.

So bless this age you are living in

With the gifts you can bestow.

Don't disregard the stream of life

Go gently with the flow.

06/13/2011 11:32am

Oh my goodness!! I am so sorry to hear about Jeanne. I loved watching her on QVC for years. She was the best and always made every woman feel confident and beautiful!! I will miss her. My heart goes out to you for the loss of your dear friend and her family as well. God Bless. Patti, good luck on your future endeavors in Los Angeles.

06/13/2011 11:39am


I just read your blog about Jeanne, it was the first I had heard of her death, and it shocked me. I have enjoyed reading your blogs since you left QVC, it sounds like a little bit of your experiences match mine. I have gained encouragement from your words and thoughts. I have been without a job for 21 months, and it has been a struggle every day; but reading how you have learned to cope with your emotional ups and downs, has been helpful to me. I miss seeing you on QVC, I don't watch them too much anymore, since you and Lisa Mason left, there is something lacking in the programs....but on occasion I do watch and wish...because I can't afford to buy anything...it doesn't hurt to dream.
Thank you for all your kind words about Jeanne and for sharing your feelings and emotions about "life".


Marita Bon
06/13/2011 12:02pm

This is a lovely tribute, Patti. Your love for each other was evident when you and Jeanne appeared together on QVC. My sympathy in the loss of your dear friend.

06/13/2011 12:06pm

The tears are just flowing again after reading your wonderful blog. The days that I was so low and Jeanne was on Q and she just made you feel so good about yourself and gave you the fortitude to continue no matter the problems you had to face. I spoke with her a few times on the phone but never had the chance to meet her but she was still my friend ( and I do not use that word for many)! I know she would not want us to cry and mourn but it just hurts that she is gone and I am sure that as the days go on the hurt may lessen. She will always live in our spirits and everytime I put on a piece of her clothing. Take care dear Patti.. move on with your new life and share with her spirit..

Nanacy Bologense
06/13/2011 12:29pm

What a great tribute, Patti. Very heartfelt and sincere. Thanks for reminding some that Jeanne was a happy soul and is looking down at us and how we are dealing with her death. We have to remember that when someone dies and we cry, we are crying for ourselves, not for the person we lost. We cry because we miss them and, darn it, it hurts. Memories should be good, happy and satisfying and that's what I will remember about Jeanne.

06/13/2011 1:28pm

Thank you for sharing your Jeanne tribute. My Mom always said that the greatest thing we can do is leave great memories, Jeanne did her job.

06/13/2011 2:34pm

Such a wonderful tribute to a woman who touched many lives. You are blessed to have her joy in your heart always.

Marion Frehsee
06/13/2011 3:14pm

What an eloquent and toucihng eulogy for your friend Jeanne, Patty. I cherished her transparency, grace, honesty and zest for life. She had inspired me to be me and to own who I was! God Bless you, Jeanne Brice. You will be greatly missed but forever remembered. Sincerely, Marion Frehsee

marion ward
06/13/2011 3:15pm

Patti,What a beautiful tribute to Jeanne. You were indeed fortunate to have her in you life.
Jeanne is in the arms of the Lord.

06/13/2011 4:42pm

Thank you Patti for your beautiful words. I miss you on the Q and I will miss Jeanne so much.

06/13/2011 4:53pm

I heard the news of Jeanne's passing last night when Rick D. said it. I was so so saddened. Today you were on my mind because I could see the wonderful friendship you and Jeanne had and I went to your blog and was so happy to see the beautiful, heartfelt message you wrote. Through my tears I read it twice and just wanted to tell you how sorry I am for your loss.
Be well.

Mae N of Tx
06/13/2011 6:43pm

Patti, I'm sorry for your loss. Jeanne is being remembered all over the world. Would she be surprised, no I don't think so. You are blessed to know her and have her in your life. God bless,

Toni Fusco
06/13/2011 6:52pm


First of all, I happened to be watching YouTube and learned of your departure from QVC. And now just learning of the passing of Jean Bice, it's all so sad. I enjoyed watching her. You could see those stars dancing around her. Just keep all of the wonderful memories in your heart and she will always be with you.


06/13/2011 10:28pm

I'm so sorry for your loss.


06/14/2011 9:50am


Thank you for the great tribute to Jeanne
Bice I always watched QVC when she was on
because she reminded me of my grandma.

Good luck to you my friend; keep on writing Patti. Through your beautiful words, we see the kindness in your heart.

06/14/2011 10:09am

Dear Patti,
You are dearly missed.
What you said about Miss Bice
was just lovely.

I wish you all the best in what ever you do.

Just be true to yourself and be happy.

Hugs Carolann
Old enough to be your Grandmom age 65

Amy Travis
06/14/2011 10:58am

Patti, Just want to let you know you and jean's family are in my thoughts and prayers!GOD BLESS YOU ALL

06/14/2011 12:22pm

Dear Patti - what a lovely tribute u did for Jeanne Bice. We all saw the close friendship u had with her. My condolences to u and her family.

06/14/2011 2:18pm


Your love for those you call "friend" and your personal struggle to find meaning in your life is what endears you to others who don't know you. I know what it's like to lose a friend who has been like a mother to you. Your Jeanne was a good person so perhaps God rewarded that goodness by sparing her from the excruciating pain that cancer can cause. I know you are hurting but remember, she is not. She may not be physically present but her friendship and wisdom will be with you forever. God bless you.

06/14/2011 4:58pm

Patti - Thank you so much for sharing your memories of Jeanne. Many of us didn't the chance to speak with her but miss her terribly. A light has gone out for us but we must carryone her love of life to others. God bless you!

06/14/2011 5:13pm

Patti - that was a beautiful tribute to Jeanne. You two had such a special bond that was apparent whenever you two were together. I hope she knew what an impact she had on so many lives. RIP Jeanne - I will miss you.


06/14/2011 6:31pm

Hi Patti,

I just heard of Jeanne's passing and I came right to your website because I knew you would have words that would make everyone feel better and you did. She brought joy to everyone who watched her and in all these times of war and economic hardship, she brought laughter and joy. She gave us the strength to always try to be better and to use our adversity to make our lives better. I learned a lot from her too and I will miss her terribly. I am so sorry for your loss Patti.

06/14/2011 6:54pm

Patti -
I found myself waiting for your next blog because I knew it would be a tribute to your friend, Jeanne Bice. I remember watching the two of you on numerous Quaker Factory shows and seeing the true friendship between you. Even though I only knew Jeanne from watching her on QVC over the years, I too was stunned upon hearing of her passing. Patti, your eulogy of Jeanne was beautiful - as I knew it would be. Jeanne touched all of us. She had a way of reaching right through the TV and touching our hearts. She will be greatly missed. My sincere condolences to her family.

Thank you again Patti, for sharing your beautiful thoughts for your dear friend with us.

06/14/2011 7:13pm

We will all miss this special lady, but as many have said, I thought of you when I learned of her passing. My thoughts are with you and thank you for your nice tribute.

Kathleen Jones
06/14/2011 7:42pm

My Dearest Patti,
My thoughts are prayers are with you. I know how much Jeanne meant to you. You could see that everyone time you were on the air together.

Jeanne touched all of our lives more than she would ever know. She was a friend, mentor, mother, sister and most of all an inspiration. She taught us that with belief in ourselves nothing would be impossible. She will be missed however her legacy will live on with all us in the stars that shine above, the glitter of the rain on a leaf, the morning sun and most of all anything that "sparkles and shines".

Hope you are doing well in Pasadena. Please e-mail if you need alist of shopping places for your new home.

06/14/2011 9:03pm

Patti, What a beautiful tribute you wrote about Jeanne. It brought tears to my eyes. She was lucky to have you as a friend. You are a very warm, caring woman. I miss you on QVC.

marcia munroe
06/14/2011 11:03pm

Patti, You write so beautifully about Jeanne. She'll always be in your heart and with you on your new journey. May it be a successful one. You're always headed toward the sunshine. Love Marcia

06/15/2011 8:14am


What a beautiful tribute to a special woman. She was a guardian angel to many of us. You could see the special bond that you shared with her. We all are blessed to have known her.


Charisma Ghamo
06/15/2011 1:34pm

So many people come in & out of our world within our lifetimes...some just in passing, some for a short time & a specific reason and others that touch our lives, leave footprints on our hearts and we are never, ever the same because of them.

If I can leave this world touching & making a difference in just ONE persons life the way that Jeanne has touched SO many lives, I will have considered myself worthy of the short time that we get on this earth

I am deeply sorry for your loss, Patti. This must've been such a shock for you, but please find peace in the fact that you will see her again someday. My thoughts & prayers are w/you & all her many friends & family that will also feel the absence of her presence in their lives.

God bless,

06/15/2011 2:45pm

Patti-Thank you for the beautiful tribute to your wonderful friend. I loved watching the 2 of you together, you could see the special bond. Carry her with you on your journey. I'm expecting to see great things from you!

Maria Ann Smith
06/15/2011 4:19pm

Dear Patti...such beautiful words in tribute to a beautiful lady..Jeanne Bice. My heart was broken when I learned of her passing. I so looked forward to seeing her on QVC...knowing that beside buying something...I would be enjoying time with a feisy friend although we had never met. I am so saddened by her loss. She is now up in heaven decorating all the angel's wings with sparkles. You are so missed as well.

kathy coupe
06/16/2011 8:46am

Patti- That was a beautiful tribute to Jeanne. As a stay at home mom Jeanne was a constant source of encouragement to me. I

06/16/2011 11:37am


What a beautiful eulogy you wrote about Jean. I had to read it 3 times, because I kept crying.I to kept checking you blog because I knew you would write something beautiful. Such a wonderful women who touched so many lives with people who never met her. She will be missed by many and my thoughts and prayer are with you and her family.
Your next job should be in writing you do it with such ease and beauty. Miss you are QVC, not the same without you and Lisa Mason.I really miss your quote of the day.

Best of luck

06/17/2011 12:53pm

Patti, What a beautifully written tribute to your friend. Miss you on the Q. Hope all is well in CA. My thoughts and prayers are with at this time of loss.

Janice Cruz Dunagan
06/17/2011 1:32pm

Patti in life, sometimes painfully we find, that true friends are hard to find but anyone who watched Jeanne through the years when you two would do the Quacker shows together could tell there was a very special bond and that you were truly friends. For those who knew her personaly her loss much be so difficult becuase seeing how people are reacting to her passing and the beautiful messages and memories she touched our lives. She came into our homes 15 years ago and stayed in our hearts. She answered a message of mine which I wasn't expecting knowing how busy she was, a very nice and kind gesture which while reading it knew she truly took the time that it wasn't one those standard anawers some people will write, but that was Jeanne she made us feel like we were all her best friends. God took an angel but her spirit will always remain. RIP Jeanne you will never be forgotten.

06/18/2011 12:03am

Dear Patti, You are in my thoughts & prayers for peace & comfort. We will all miss Jeanne's bright spirit & happy outlook on life! She was a remarkable person full of sparkle inside & out! God bless you with His favor in your new adventures. Take care Jane

Marcia Waxler
06/18/2011 7:02pm

Hi Patti,
I always enjoyed watching your presentations on QVC and, was both surprised and sorry when you left. I am sure that you thought long and hard about your decision, and I feel sure that it was the right one for you.
I think that you write very well, and enjoy reading your updates. Be well, and be happy !

06/19/2011 1:57am

Hi Patti,

So beautifully written. As I knew it would be.

Take care


06/19/2011 3:33pm

Hi Patti,

Such a beautiful tribute to your very dear friend Jeanne. I am sure she is smiling down on you and still telling you all her cherished words. I agree with another post here, that your friendship was very evident when you were on QVC together! Jeanne will be SO missed! Lets say a prayer for a cure for all cancer and even better yet, for prevention. Sending you lots of hugs-I miss seeing you on QVC! Good for you for making the changes you needed.

Hugs, Daria

06/20/2011 3:17pm

When I heard about Jeanne's passing, I was so sad, but knew that Angels would be having "sparkles" in heaven now. I immediately thoought of you and how you would react to Jeanne's death. YOu both had such a special "relationship" when you were on the air. It was apparent to me, that you were very good friends and it "shined" throught the t.v. I am sorry for your loss Patti and I really enjoyed reading your beautiful words about Jeanne Bice.
She was so beautiful "inside" and "out." For all of us who never met her in person, we just could tell by her demeanor and love for people that she was truly a special person on this earth. Now, she is a beautiful "spirit" in heaven making sure that each person never forgets to "sparkle" within themselves each day.

06/23/2011 8:05pm

Dear Patti,
I too miss Jeanne. She definitely was a very special woman who really cared about people. She was fun to watch. The Q won't be the same without her. We are all very lucky to have had her in our lives. Miss you on the Q and will keep you in my prayers so you find the happiness you deserve!!!! God bless!

Ellen Batzle
06/25/2011 10:36am

That was lovely. I'm sorry for your loss especially so soon after you made your move.

nancy ogan
06/26/2011 7:54pm

Patti , you have lost a wonderful person as well as us people who watched her on tv, you did a great job when you talked QVC to the show from her home that was a good one , like a anther person said i was worring about you as i knew you two had a closeness we could all tell that and that was wounderful to see, she will be missed by us all. and i really do miss you and lisa manson , it is had to watch some days as they changed the formate . you just be happy with what ever you do and know that GOD is with you, just think of all the snow you will not have to shovel . love your writing they are all to the heart. you really have a way with words. i miss you and jeannie so much but also know good things donn't last forever but that donn't keep me from thinking about you 2 as i know you 2 had a lot of fun toghter, GOD be with you in what you are doing. Nancy

pam Hagerty
06/29/2011 1:42pm

You will love Palm Springs, it is gorgeous with the mountains,very clean,but....very hot in the summertime. I live in the SF bay area, love it. Everyone
comes to California for their dreams, and I hope yours come true. Cant wait to here your exciting news about
your future. We can watch you again Patti !


pam Hagerty
06/29/2011 1:45pm

I know Jeanne passed, and it was sudden, but what was the illness she had, that know one knew about?

I was surprized too, lovely words, she liked you alot you could tell.

Bless you Jeanne .

Linda Parson
06/29/2011 2:42pm


I love reading your blog. Your writings are in depth and beautiful and so close to your heart. I hope this is part of your new pursuit.

May God put a shield of protection around you at all times.

06/29/2011 7:23pm

Lovely Patti. I'm sorry for your loss especially since you had just moved so far from your family & friends.

Lucricia Cole
06/30/2011 2:22am

Dear Patti
Thanks for the beauriful words that you share of Miss Jeanne. she always made us fill better for having heard her words of wisdom. I could tell that she was a Christian by her testimony. We are know by our walk and she is in the arms of our Lord. God bless you and thank you for the beautiful memories. Our prayers for you in your new career and we really miss you and Lisa. Find a great place to worship because your christian family will always be there for you. Until we all meet our love one in heaven. Lucricia

07/04/2011 12:59pm

Patti, That was a lovely tribute to Jeanne. I will miss seeing her on QVC as much as I miss watching you. I know you will hold Jeannes memories in your heart forever.

07/05/2011 12:51pm

I watched Quacker Factory just to see Jeanne shine-she was a positive force of nature!I didn't realize that you had left QVC-but I will miss your effervescent personality-and your beauty.I hate change-but I know that like a garden, something must die so another thing can flourish.You will take your experiences to the next phase of your life.You will not miss the ugliness in people-just the good. God bless!

Debbie Jones
07/09/2011 1:10pm

Patti, I read your Blog about Jeanne Bice. I as well am truly sorry. I did want to take a moment and tell you that when I read " After A While" I literally cried because I am going thru a tough time in my life right now and after reading it, I felt comfort. I went to word and typed it in a format that I am going to frame and put in my house and at work to read and read and read as much as I need to so that it will hopefully get me thru this time. My best wishes to you in L.A. I know you will do well. Be Happy first and foremost. With Best Regards, Debbie Jones

Shawna Duval
07/12/2011 3:03am

Wow Patti, that was beautiful! I had know idea where you were, where you went. I just started searching on the site that led me to you at this site. I have not read everything yet, but I will, eventually. I live in MENTONE, CA., I honestly hope you find everything you are searching for in your life. You are a very sweet, caring woman and deserve to be happy and healthy. I wish you Good luck in your new home and in your next new adventure in life. I wish luck, love and happiness. And, I too did not know Jeanne had suddenly passed away. I was so sad, I did not "know" her, but watching her, off and on, it felt like I did. I don't really know what happened to her, except she suddenly died. I was very sad to hear that. So sad. I hope her family and friends are all doing as well as they can be in a sad situation like that. To me - my opinion - DEATH SUCKS! So, that's all for now Patti. I will miss your happy face, but 'You Go Girl'! Now that you are in CA., you are gonna have to get used to the smoggy summers, but remember ... THERE REALLY ARE MOUNTAINS ALL AROUND YOU, and when the hot smoggy summer goes by and the Santa Ana winds blow the smog away for a few days, ENJOY THE MOUNTAINS and the BEACHES and WELCOME TO CALIFORNIA! Take care of you! And if you ever do read this, and want to email me back ... I will read it and I will email you back too. Luv Shawna :-)

07/14/2011 10:47pm

Patti; What a beautiful tribute to Jeanne Bice I to thought of you when the news. You friendship was very evident watching you together. She was a unique personality & Quacker factory will never be the same. I wish you all the luck in the world in your new home & life in California. But will miss your beautiful face & sweet way. God Bless

07/30/2011 11:09am

Hi Patti, I did not know you had left. I just turned on Friday night Beauty to see what you had to sell and you weren't there. After some serious searching on the Net, I found your site.

I read your Blog. As always, you are filled with such warm, HONEST, feelings and as always, I will miss that on TV.

I had written to you a couple of years ago,suggesting you look up at the camera, pull your hair back and feel good about yourself. Guess you received a lot of those, but I worked in the field of teaching people to project better on camera.

After reading your blog and some write ups on another site, I realize you were having some very unreal criticism over the years. My goodness, you were receiving more comments than President Obama, so I think you were very popular, cause if you don't receive negative comments, then no one knows you are there. lol lol True!

You are a lovely person, a determined young woman, so much like myself at your age, I had achieved so much but hibernated when not at work, then I learned to exercise, move, worry about myself. It is so important to worry about yourself first. Nutrition, exercise, breathing are what we need to feel better.

But I do remember the "beating my body clock up" by working such crazy hours and you finally realize you cannot fight that. So, off to California and better for you.

Lived there, live in PA now, but we spend so much of the Winter in the Sun. Great way to live, my niece now lives in LA with Comcast, she bikes to work, wears flip flops to work and is a programmer for a few TV stations. She is happy, even though a hard worker, she learned to play again.

Now, Patti, your time to play as well as work.

When I lived in CHI, I learned that people work to LIVE, on the East Coast I learned people LIVE to WORK. One has to learn the balance and you did.

Thank you so much for your honesty in your Blog. About time someone, a woman, admits how difficult life can be at times, how the lack of sleep can affect your thinking. How it is okay to talk about all of it.

Although the host' on QVC have a great job, it is a difficult job and takes special people to do that type of job and you DID IT FOR 11 years.

Hooray for you.

Having been single for a long time in life, I know how it is to hibernate when not working and you learn to break that routine and you did and I did.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

My sympathy on the loss of your dear friend Jean. She was the refuge you needed when you got to PA and she was so generous to so many people but she worked hard to make lemonade out of lemons and she lived and enjoyed every moment of every day. Life is short, so have a giggle!



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