A friend once told me that feeling uncomfortable means "change" is on the horizon.  She said that the longer you remain in a comfortable place, the less likely you are to pursue the dreams that have nested themselves in your heart, dreams from long ago that made you smile in your sleep and tackle the day with certainty.  Well, I hope she's right because I am definitely suffering "uncomfortably" from the winter blues and need a sun-tervention immediately!  I have no idea if that groundhog saw his shadow or not, but I'm dusting off my flip-flops and pulling out my t-shirts in anticipation of sunny days ahead.  And to put them to good use I also booked a trip with a friend to Puerto Rico and am counting down the days until we leave, dismissing all of the "snowstorm" rumors/warnings, just hoping & praying I'll be on a flight thousands of miles away from the wrath of Mother Nature in Pennsylvania.  The resort we're staying at offers a ton of fun stuff to do, topping the list: horseback riding on the beach!!!!  I've never been to Puerto Rico before, but two of my very close friends are natives and they love it.  Good enough for me!  Soooo, the countdown begins...
I spoke with my friend Lisa Mason today.  She wants you all to know that she's doing great!  Her book comes out tomorrow and I couldn't be happier for her.  It's called "Big Life Lessons from that Still, Small Voice".  Kudos to you, Lisa!!!!!  I can't wait to get my hands on a copy.  Wonder if she'll autograph it for me??? :)
Thank you for reading this and inspiring me with your comments:)         .


Ashley Theobald
02/06/2011 6:47pm

Patti, It's amazing how so many of us are in the same "shoes" right now. I've had this exact same discussion with several of my friends. Is it the weather, the new year, the new decade, the new astrological changes? Definitely. It's also the fact that change is inevitable. In order to pursue your passions and realize your dreams, you have to be willing to change. “You can’t bring the same stale self to the world and expect the world to be new for you.”--Deepak Chopra Now is the time to clear the clutter in your life and prepare for those new opportunities to arrive at your feet. Having just gotten back from a girl's getaway, I can say that it DOES help. It might not solve your problems, but it does clear the mind and give you new perspective on how to deal with the turmoil, thoughts and situations in your life. My world is in uproar--health wise, work wise, relationship wise--and I've come home with a fresh outlook and a calmer sense of self. Enjoy your trip, know your love and remember the Universe is limitless...don't be afraid to ask for the world!

02/07/2011 5:13pm

Patti wanted to let you know you look great and I know it is hard to stay that way. I have been there. Could you please post your diet plan on this site since the old one is gone and you said you posted it on your blog it shut down befor I say it. Very interested in what you did. Also, love the outfits you where on TV you always look so put together. You should bring some of your stuff to QVC.

02/08/2011 11:39am

2010 had so many changes for me, and they were not good. i am trying to "clear" a lot of things in my life. physically and emotionally. too much stuff in my life - including items in my house. have started on that but the rest is a longer process. today i getting a zumba for my wii - thank you patti for the motivation ! i hope to do as well as you, and today is the day i start. i will update you here if you don't mind. you look wonderful and your kind spirit shows every time i see you on the Q. God bless ya !

02/17/2011 5:22pm


I came upon your blog in a round about way today. I am actually home sick with a bad cold....a day off from Social Work...and watching Susan Gravers amazing TSV! I know I read your blog...not by chance but as was meant to be! I am in the process of change in my life and I is out with the old and in with the new.

03/20/2011 1:37pm

dear patti, im happy for have to do whats right for you.. i admire your courage to forge ahead into the unknown with confidance. good luck,i will keep in touch and read your blog ,,wishing you the best,,,barbi

Patricia Ann
04/02/2011 11:53pm

Patti, I have not watched televison very much in the past month or so I has an adorable Jack Russell Terrier named Dino, he lost his vision suddenly May 22, 2010 , so I carried him in and out when he needed to go outside. Then he was diagnosed with cushings disease, he fought so hard, he was born 3/28/ 1998 and he lost his courageous battle on 3/28/2011. I did no know that you left QVC, I knew that you had adorable dogs and I'm so sorry that your dog can no longer climb the stairs. I know the heartache, the heartbrake. I'm a Senior Citizen who has just lost her Best Friend, a Furry little friend. I looked for you tonight on QVC and so I went to the Host List, did not see your name, then searched till I found your web site. I always loved watching you Patti, your maybe around my daughters age, I lost her , she was just 24 years old . Your so beautiful and I was so happy to see you change like a butterfly on air in front of me. I know that your change required so much on your part but oh my your just beautiful and healthy. You have your whole life a head of you. You know I have read Lisa Mason's Book and I enjoyed it so much. To be honest no one will be able to fill your shoes or Lisa Mason's on QVC. Now that I have lost my little fur baby, some how things just do not matter as much. I look to God for guidance as You ! When you lose someone that you Love, you change your thinking ! Suddenly the things that you thought mattered so much , well maybe now not so much. I will pray for you , that God will guide you, protect you and you will feel His Peace. I listened to your farewell speech with Amy and I could see and feel a confident Peace within you. I know whatever you do , as long as it makes you happy and free from stress then I know you will be a success. Forgive me for rambling on, I wish you well, God Bless You !

Jacquelyn from Boston
04/08/2011 6:41pm

Hi Patti I watched you for so long and saw your last day on the qvc. I just want to say it is nice to know we all have some of the same issues in life not just us everday people. I wish you the best of luck in life and what you do in sunny ca. I hope you keep us posted on your blog . Take Care and good luch

04/18/2011 8:44pm

Patti, Im 64 years old and watched you since you first started same with Lisa that left I feel so sad now that you are both gone, almost like a part of me is gone after watching you both on QVC for so lone and not being able to see either of you anymore, I hope you will be happy with the change you have made and will miss you very very much as I also miss Lisa very much. I feel such a sadness that I wont see either of you anymore, but hope and pray you will both be happy no matter where you go or what you do.

05/06/2011 11:18pm

Dear Patti, I love reading your blogs. I'm a 64 year old woman and have made some wrong turns in life so I'm living vicarously thru you. Oh, I'm fine now but please keep blogging, you're a delight. Good luck & God bless.

05/12/2011 11:43am


You are such a sweet person and I wish you all the best. I loved watching you on the Q. Sometimes we make changes in life as we feel we need to.

I wish the very best for you and hope your future brings exciting and wonderful things.

You will be missed at the Q.

Best to you in all your endeavors.


Carol Deien
08/10/2011 7:07pm

Patti.....I am 65 years old and have been watching QVC since it was CVN and I have definitely spent a fortune with them. I just wanted to say that I really do miss seeing you on there as well as Lisa Mason. I don't know what happened to her and don't know what you are doing now but did want you to know that you are truly missed. Lisa is funny as she always is and I have always loved Mary Beth but I hope that you are enjoying your life and just wanted to tell you I really miss you. Please keep us informed as to how you are doing since I finally found you again. Best of Luck in your life.........


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